High Speed Broadband Internet.

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High Speed Internet

$40 mon

Speeds up to 20Mbps Unlimited Data Transfer Dynamic Public IP

Voice Services

$25 mon

Unlimited Nationwide Calling 3 Way Calling Advanced Calling Features

Combine Internet and Phone

$60 mon

Speeds up to 20Mbps Unlimited Data Transfer Unlimited Nationwide Calling

Skynet60 Network specially optimized for Social media, gaming and HD Streaming

Interactive, predictive and enchantingly social. Skeynet 360 helps you create, collaborate and share with the people you love most.


Reliable Streaming of HD videos on your Television Smartphones, Tablets or PC, Skynet360 unlimited data connections with quality and consistent internet connectivity will enhance your video streaming experience.


A responsive, reliable experience at your fingertips, challenge your friends and family, the stability of our internet connections ensures that your gaming experience is one to boast about to your online challengers and friends alike.


Smooth Browsing, Access your favorite websites in a jiffy, spend less time waiting for websites to load, send and receive files across the internet without the frustration of waiting for long periods, we make your internet experience enjoyable.


Enhance your internet experience with live communication between your business partners, friends and family via skype video conference, enjoy crystal clear audio and video quality.


Stream your IP TV in full HD with less buffering, our internet speeds will improve your overall streaming experience. Sit relax and enjoy your online TV channels.


Great for Chat, Post your Social Updates on the fly with confidence that it will be seen by your social family immediately, update your pictures and status alike, superior and unlimited data at its best.

Our Internet

Enjoy Blazing Fast Speeds

Performance Matters, SKYNET360 understands that customers require faster data transfers, speedily remote access and glitch free phone calls so we ensure that our services are operating at optimum performance so you can get things done faster.

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Reliable Internet

A reliable Internet connection makes your day a lot easier. With Skynet360 you will receive a reliable and consistent internet connection that you can depend on. Our services offer the highest level performance and SLA that you can depend on.

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Phone Service

Unlimited Calling in the USA / Canada

Keep your existing Number, No Hidden Charges or fees, 20 + Phone Features, Crystal Clear Calling.

Call Quality

Skynet360 has End to End Quality of Service within our network geared at providing excellent voice quality from a single line to more advanced multiline configurations.

Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority!

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